Space Capsule Humidifier

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  • ltrasonic Cold Water Spray Humidifier]: Ultrasonic humidifier diffuses moisture with ultrasonic spray, humidifies the room in autumn and winter, maintains comfortable humidity, keeps dry indoor air safely moist, breathes more smoothly, promotes peaceful sleep, nourishes the skin and relieves dry discomfort. Powerful humidification inhibits dryness and also dust and pollen.
  • [220ml capacity auto stop function] 220ml large capacity for continuous humidification. The power supply automatically switches off every 4 hours between uses, so you can use the humidifier safely when you are away from home or at bedtime. Can also be freely connected to a USB power supply, desktop computer, laptop or power plug.
  • [LED Dazzling Light and Breathing/Seven Colours]: Combines 7 colours of flashing ambient light and a unique breathing mode with different colour changes at night to help your child fall asleep and relax quickly. Creates a relaxing sleep atmosphere. The humidifier has an automatic stop function, making it safe to use even when sleeping.
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